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6 advantages analysis of redispersible latex powder

2018-10-21 Hits:285

1. Improve bonding strength and cohesion.

It is necessary to add redispersible latex powder in cement dry mortar products. It is very obvious to improve the bonding strength and cohesion of materials. This is due to the penetration of polymer particles into the pores and capillaries of cement matrix and the formation of good cohesive strength after hydration of cement. Moreover, due to the excellent adhesion of polymer resin itself, the adhesive force of cement mortar products to the substrate is improved, especially the inorganic cement binder to wood, fiber, PVC, EPS and other organic substrate bonding poor improvement, the role is more obvious.

Two. Improve bending resistance and tensile strength.

In the rigid framework formed by hydration of cement mortar, the membrane of polymer is elastic and tough. It acts as a movable joint between cement mortar particles and particles. It can bear high deformation load, reduce stress, and improve tensile and bending resistance.

Three. Improve impact resistance.

Redispersible latex powder is thermoplastic resin. The soft film coated on the surface of mortar particles can absorb the impact of external forces, relax without destroying, thereby improving the impact resistance of mortar.

Four. Improve hydrophobicity and reduce water absorption.

Adding cocoa and dispersing latex powder can improve the microstructure of cement mortar. The polymer forms an irreversible network in the process of cement hydration, closes the capillary in the cement gel, blocks the permeation of water, and improves the impermeability.

Five. Improve wear resistance and durability.

Adding redispersible latex powder can increase the density of bond between cement mortar particles and polymer film. The increase of bonding force correspondingly improves the ability of mortar to bear shear stress, reduces wear rate, improves wear resistance and prolongs the service life of mortar.

Six, improve freeze-thaw stability, effectively prevent material cracking.

Redispersible latex powder, whose thermoplastic resin has the plasticity, can overcome the damage of thermal expansion and cold shrinkage caused by temperature difference change to cement mortar material. To overcome the characteristics of large dry shrinkage deformation and easy cracking of simple cement mortar, the material can be made flexible, thereby improving the long-term stability of the material.